A wise old Buddhist Monk once said "The Ego is a drunken monkey that cannot be trusted and must be controlled".


I wonder how much else the old guy knew about the essence of our being. There is one obvious question I would love to ask that monk.


"What is the nature of the human mind?  Was my consciousness created as my body and brain developed in my mother’s womb or is my consciousness a separate entity that uses a body as a vehicle to observe this current reality?"



Many have written theories about the nature of our consciousness. The only relevant evidence I've seen supports Reincarnation. The acceptance of reincarnation brings up two profoundly different possibilities that I will explore in future Dream Walks.


Before we take those walks, I have to prepare you.


For the purpose of the "Mind Clearing Exercises" and the "General Meditation" programs, I would like to describe the mind as having three parts:


1  The Conscious Mind: this is the “Observer”.


2  The Ego: This is the chattering voice, “The Drunken Monkey”, and the source of self-indulgent pleasurable daydreams that constantly fill our heads and waste most of our productive time.


3  The Sub-Conscious: This is our problem solver, our connection with “The Infinite” and our link to It's unending supply of knowledge.


The “Dream Walker” project is designed to help you control your Ego and give you the ability to turn it on or off at will. Doing so improves your ability to focus your concentration for increasing lengths of time. It is the most important element of the project and it is not easy for most people to learn.


I have been told, “it is impossible to shut off the internal dialog” by quite a few people over the years. Try it yourself. Sit in a quiet place, turn off the radio and television, close your eyes and try to still your mind for five or ten seconds… completely still... no conversation with yourself, no images… nothing…


Not so easy, is it?


Believe me, you can learn to shut it all off, amd you don't have to spend half of your life in some monastary to figure out how. I can show you how in less than thirty minutes.


Some really interesting things start to happen when you can stay in a "Quiet Mind" state for five minutes or more.


Learning to control the chattering allows your consciousness (The Observer) to develop a much stronger link with your subconscious.  It is the key to developing focused concentration and also stimulates the problem-solving properties of your subconscious to help with creative development.


Why does this work? Simply put, the constant internal dialog generated by your Ego uses most of your mind’s processing time. It suppresses the link between the Observer and your subconscious and simply crowds out much of the insight or those “Ah Ha” moments that make life so much fun.


The Ego is also the source of all negative thoughts and self-doubt, which for many reasons, need to be eliminated.


Because of the importance of learning to control your internal dialog, I have created several exercises that will help you do so and even speed up the process for you. Like I said, I can show you how in less than thirty minutes.


Once you learn to control your internal dialog, I will take you on some Dream Walks that will challenge what you know about this "Reality" we share.



Be patient, one must learn to walk before learning to fly.







© 2014 by PATRICK M MC CORMICK  all rights reserved