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The Dream Walker Website is up and running... Barely

The  Promotional Video has been posted

The contact Form is working

The Sign up/Login app is working. Please create a Logon Identity, as you will need one to access Mind Clearing exercises and Dream Walks.

There are no Mind Clearing Exercises or Dream Walks posted yet, but I am working on the first exercises and two of them should be up this week.

Please be patient... and... Thanks for stopping by.



Item 2


I have created "The Observers, LLC,


Item 3: Things to contemplate


Take a deep breath... relax. Close your eyes and imagine the color red. Silence your inner voice while you are imagining red. Do it for as long as you can. When the voice begins chattering again... start over. You need to develop the ability to sustain inner mental silemnce for more than thirty seconds.














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